Do you love sports? Do you love youth sports? Many of us grew up around sports and still get goosebumps when we’re around competition. We can’t get enough of it!

Becoming a League Director will fill this void in your life. You already have your “full time” job that pays the bills, why not pick up a part time job that fills this missing part of your life! Have an incredible impact in your community by running youth sports leagues in your area!

As a League Director, you’re in charge of recruiting young athletes, coaches, referees and running a high-level sports program in your area. League Directors ensure fields are set up, they communicate with parents, coaches and refs and use their talents to provide kids the best sports experience possible.

However, you will never be alone! We provide you with all the equipment, training, and mentorship you’ll need to have a successful youth sports league with GameDay Sports!

Compensation includes a base hourly rate plus profit sharing as your participation grows.