Trust – Week 5

Trust: Placing confidence in an individual or a group of people. 

Leadership – Week 4

Attitude is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization....

Attitude – Week 3

Attitude is defined as a set way of thinking or feeling about someone or something usually reflected by a person's behavior...

Persistence – Week 2

Persistence: Staying the course despite difficulty or opposition. Life is full of ups and downs, sports teaches you how to deal with them in a healthy way...

Hilarious George Carlin Baseball vs Football Comparison

Baseball and Football are very different, but I bet you never thought about it quite like this...

Teamwork – Week 1

The combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. Sports and life are about working well with others...

Lebron James and Kevin Durant Playing Flag Football

Here’s a fun video with NBA Superstars Lebron James and Kevin Durant taking part in a charity flag football game...

John Christ – Every High School Sports Parent

Please don't act like comedian John Christ at our games! ...

Sweep Flag Pulling Drill

Drill to help your flag football team improve their flag pulling skills...

NFL In-Game Player Chatter

NFL Players are just regular's a great video compilation of some very funny commentary from on the field and the sidelines. 

Passing Tree Flag Football Drill

This is a great drill for route running and passing for the quarterback. There's an added benefit with the ability to change plays on the fly quickly during games or go no huddle...

Frank Martin – Coaching from the Stands

Frank Martin, college basketball coach famously addresses sports parenting in press conference...

Snake Flag Football Pulling Drill

This is a really popular drill for team practices - good for all ages. There are quite a few variations...

NFL Funniest Moments 2017-18 Season

Fun stuff that happened on the field in the 2017-18 season...

Flag Football on the Rise Over Tackle

With all the talk about concussion safety and head injuries, tackle football is losing some of its young participants. Pop Warner recently told ESPN that participation...

Split Backfield Handoff Drill

This drill uses 4 players rotating through all positions. We're working on the Center/QB exchange, fake handoffs, handoffs and QB footwork and technique for handoffs...

Greatest Trick Plays in NFL History

Check out these incredible trick plays. Maybe we'll try to roll out some of these in our next game! ...

Leading the Receiver Passing Drill

This practice drill is designed to train the quarterback to hit the receiver in stride. It also provides good route running repetition for receivers to try getting open. You can split the team up and run several stations simultaneously...

Kevin Durant Playing Flag Football

NBA basketball player Kevin Durant decides to jump into a college intramural flag football game...check out those skills! 

The Joys of Little League Sports

Comedian Heath Harmison jokes about how sports have changed for kids over the years. Back in the 80's kid sports were a lot different than they are today...competition, trophies and the experience...

The Gauntlet – Flag Pulling Drill

This one-on-one flag pulling drill is really good for work in small spaces. It helps with reflexes, pulling technique and overall conditioning.